From Rags to Riches - NOT A Millionaire Story

From Rags to Riches - NOT A Millionaire Story

We hear it all the time.

Facebook ads, Instagram stories,

Ads. Ads. Ads.

“I started my business and made $500,000 the first week.”

That’s great - how did you do it? Well……

No answer


“Pay me $1000 and I’ll tell you part of my secret.”

Okay then. That’s helpful for all of us over here trying to learn business tactics to improve.

Listen to my story, just one piece of inspiration for you while heading into this podcast. Learn how I:

  • Moved to a new area where I knew nobody

  • Started from 0 clients and grew to 6 figures the first year

  • The 5 steps I took to make this happen in extreme detail

Through this episode, we’ll go back in time and review the 5 things I did, in detail, to make sure I was a success in my first year of business.

The statistics are so true - businesses fail in the first 5 years. A lot of them.
Let’s not be one of those statistics.

Oh ya - and don’t worry, there will be more content released on this subject + all the subjects spoken about in this episode…

With no bait and switch.

Keep your eye out for more, but for now, enjoy this episode on the 5 DETAILED steps you NEED to do to launch your successful 6 figure business.

Resource Links

LawTog - Contracts

Dubsado - use code “wanderlust” - CRM

Square - payment processing

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