Pinterest 101 with Jacquelene Hayes

Pinterest 101 with Jacquelene Hayes

Did you know Pinterest is an INSANE income source right now? Jacquelene Hayes joins us to show us how to get started!

In this episode, we nail down why Pinterest is soooo big right now (I mean, it has been for a while, so we actually nail down why it’s so big for business)!

Okay, I know you scroll through Pinterest a few times a day to look at recipes, home decor, food - YUM. We’ve all tried those Pinterest crafts that look adorable and they end up looking like Kindergarten projects…

Well that’s been my experience. Woops.

So how the heck do you use Pinterest for business?

Is it hard because it sure sounds like it.

Jacquelene takes us step by step on how to set up your Pinterest for your business and how to grow it insanely fast (I mean, she has hundreds of thousands of visitors here).

You don’t want to miss this one, trust me.

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Introduction: Meet Nicole

Introduction: Meet Nicole