Meet Nicole Bruce…

Educator. Photographer. Complete business nerd.

Hey hey!

So glad you’ve come to visit me. On this site, we’ll be learning about tons of fun things, like SEO, Marketing, Websites, CODB, and muchhhhh more!

I know…

You’re probably saying, “But Nicole, that stuff is SO BORING.”

I hear ya, girl. I hear ya.

Lucky for you, I’m always crazy daisy excited when I talk about these things.

So if you’re ready for a sponge-tastic learning experience, one that makes you laugh, wonder what words I’m making up, all while learning the (sometimes non-interesting) in’s and out’s of business, then you’re in the right place.

But first, let me say “Heyyy!”

My name is Nicole Bruce, and I am a 22-year old, business loving, guru. I created a six-figure business my first year and decided that there simply weren’t enough resources being given to small business people.

Everything I saw was some crazy amount, and starting a business, there’s was noooo way I could afford paying that, even if it ended up paying off 20x more in the future.

I was sick of watching webinars that were an hour long only to get five minutes of actually useful information.

I hated buying courses that taught me nothing, when I had spent hundreds of dollars.

My solutions:

  • Free business podcasts

  • Affordable membership site

  • Affordable 1:1 mentoring

Enough said.

Get started by choosing where you’d like to first explore, on your pathway to knowledge and financial freedom.