Facebook Ads that Work…..Without the Outrageous Agency Fees

When I started using Facebook ads, I looked into an agency to do them for me. They knew what they were doing while I had…NO clue.

I thought, “Well hell ya, they can just do it for me!” $1000 later with no leads whatsoever, my money went down the drain.

There are many agencies that will do Facebook ads for you, but at a crazy price. Some are $500/month, some are $3000/month - ALL of them charge you whether the ads work or not. (Womp wompppp…)

What’s the point?

You’re using ads to make revenue not throw your money into a black pit. That’s why our Facebook ad services help you create revenue and only charge when you book a client.

Read about our benefits below to our Facebook ads program and inquire at the bottom of the page to grab a spot. Spots are limited.


Experience in Success

We use these ad tactics ourselves to get clients, so while most ad agencies just mess around with other people’s ad spend, we are doing this ourselves FIRST and then using the best and most effective methods for your ads.

We ran ads most recently for $180 in July 2019, booking a $3250 wedding, having 4 consults, and currently have another wedding pending from that ad at $1850. That’s a $5k return on $180 ad spend.

Trained + Knowledgeable

We have taken a variety of ad training to keep up on the best methods to run ads, to create the most ROI from your spend. We keep up to date on this, but moreover have tested and created our own ad formula that works every time.

Commission Only

This is a BIG one. As agencies charge $500-3000/month for ad setup and running, this would be coming out of your account every single month whether their ads work or not.

We ONLY make money when you make money. Period.



Who runs my Facebook ads?
Nicole + Justin will set up, analyze, and watch your Facebook ads grow! We’ll make adjustments along the way as needed.

I don’t have much to spend. Can I still work with you?
Yes! During our trial, we recommend only $5 a day for the first three days, then we can analyze how your ad did and go from there. We can work with any ad budget.

Who do you work with?
We can work in any field, but we specialize in photography.

How much are your services?
We have a small setup fee starting at $150 and then commission starts at 10% per sale. Contact us below for your custom quote. Note that we only get paid when you get a booking. We do have a contract to sign as well - this is month-month with no cancellation fee, but ensures commission is paid when due.