The Mentor Project is a collective of six-figure business minds who have come together to give starting and growing business owners a base of knowledge.

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Why The Mentor Project?

When I first started building my business, I had a huge issue. I couldn’t find any information, all in one place, for building my business.

How was I supposed to figure out how to price myself? How to get clients? How to grow my business and make it successful?

I saw the statistics… Most businesses fail in the first five years.

I didn’t want to be one of them.

More-so, once I grew my business into six figures, I didn’t want you to be one of them.

Fast forward to The Mentor Project.

This project was created to help you create a six-figure business yourself. No secrets. No crap. No webinars where you wait 50 minutes to be told 5 minutes of useful information.

Straightforward knowledge.

Get ready to be a sponge! I can’t wait to see you soon,
Nicole Bruce